The Way College Students Hang Out in the US and Japan

Most of college students are stressed because of ton of assignments and exams, and of course I’m the one of them. Every time when I get stressed, I try to hang out with friends, find something fun and forget about the assignment for a little bit.

But since I moved to the US, things that I can relieve my stress are limited. There’s not so much things that I can do in here when it’s compared with Japan. So I decided to write about the difference of hanging out between American and Japanese college students.

I don’t know about all American students but most of my American friends like partying and drinking. They play music, get drunk, go crazy and relieve all of their stress. Or some people like going to restaurant and have awesome dinner. Personally, I like both of them but I had much more options when I was in Japan.

In Japan, especially in Tokyo, you’ll see many places to eat. I would say you need at least 30 minutes to decide what you eat, and most of restaurants open until around midnight which only weekend IHOP does it in Ellensburg. And there is some unique restaurants in Tokyo. The one that I found in these days is called Robot Restaurant which lots of robots are dancing while we’re eating.

Also, there are many places to enjoy: bar, theater, massage, arcade, shopping. Everything is gathered within 20 minutes of walking area so you don’t have to drive or UBER to get that place.

One of the reasons why I miss Japan is I can have fun much more than the US. Even when I’m staying in Tokyo by myself I still can have fun and relieve my stress. I want everyone to visit and see how Tokyo is cool.


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