College Students in the US and Japan


Each country has its original education style. The only common thing is every single school is the place to study.

Before I came to the US, I went to the college in Japan for a year and realized there are some educational differences between American and Japanese college.

First thing is about the class style. Most of the classes I’ve taken had around 25 people in the class, and that is one of my favorite things about American college because I can talk to the professor easily and many professors are so close to their students.

Each class that I took in Japanese college had almost 100 people in a class. The classroom was like a movie theater. I went to the class and just listened the professor’s lecture for about an hour and half, and I was thinking about what study means.

Next thing is American college requires students to attend class aggressively. Besides getting a nice grade on Final, classes in American college focuses on the student’s opinion. Thinking about the problem or theory, and each person tells his/her thoughts to other classmates. This is the biggest difference between American and Japanese college.

As I mentioned above, going to class for Japanese college students means sitting and listening the professor’s lecture. Most classes don’t have “discussion time” so Japanese people usually aren’t good at telling their opinion to others. They don’t get a chance to think and tell it through their school life.

Therefore, for me, it was so hard to explain my opinion to others when I was in first quarter college but it’s now getting better because PR major forces me to argue, discuss, do presentations a lot. But I believe that this experience is going to be my great skill in the future.


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