Nothing Happens Without Action

What is the most important thing when you work on new things? Getting to know about the thing? Learning something from a book? Or, trying and learning from failure?

Ignore some advice because experience is better than words, Jared Vallejo, director of marketing at Iron Horse Brewery, told for students in a Feb. 23 talk.

Vallejo told us what we should do when we try new things. “Fail often,” said Vallejo. “It means you’re trying.” I agreed with him because I’ve learned lots of things from failure, and I believe trying variety of things leads me to refresh my mind and find a new aspect of myself.

I was reading the Iron Horse Brewery’s blog last night and I thought it is such an interesting blog. Vallejo told us that all employee join and post to the blog. “Our goal of the blog is to increase the amount of our website traffic,” Vallejo said. Every single post is unique and some posts aren’t even related with beer, but I like it and I think the blog is enough to gain people’s attention.

Overall, Vallejo was a friendly guy and his talk made us laugh sometimes. I realized that Vallejo is one of the ideal person that I want to be in the future because he loves his job and is proud of himself.

Actually, this speech made me think about working at local business which I’ve never thought about. That is because I learned that local business can focus on specific consumers, like the Iron Horse Brewery focuses on five states in the US, than international business. Also, as all Iron Horse Brewery employees join the blog, I thought that each person at local business has stronger power than the person at international business.


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