Resume Differences Between the US and Japan


Resume: a written compilation of your education, work experience, skills and accomplishments that is used to apply for jobs. It is one of the most important tools of every single job application.

Almost everyone has written their resume even if you guys are students. Resume represents who you are, and the better resume content leads people getting a better job.

It’s not only the US that resume is the most important tools of every single job application, but Japan also considers the resume as a best tool of job applications.

When I took the Pre-internship Seminar class in community college, I made my own resume in English for the first time. And I realized the American style resume is a little bit different with the Japanese one, so today I’m writing about some differences because I thought it’s one of the interesting cultural differences.

First, the American style resume is all typed and I was pretty surprised of that. In Japanese style, most of resumes are handwritten and we are required to write it down with a beautiful handwriting. In Japan, it has been said since ancient times that your handwriting indicates your character, so it’s important to show the beautiful handwriting to describe about myself. I think handwriting isn’t enough for considering the person’s character, but my Japanese handwriting is actually not that bad so I don’t care.

Another thing, I believe that strengths such as skills and accomplishments are the most important part of the resume in American style. People write them down for how their skills and accomplishments can be used at the job position. I think it’s really efficient because companies are looking for a right person for the position. But in Japanese style, companies focus on the people’s personality so we write down about what kind of person I am, things I worked on really hard in my life and sometimes we write down about the hobby! I don’t know why companies want to know my hobby but maybe they want to hire a good personality person more than a skilled person.

I thought these two differences are interesting and I’m glad that I learned these things before I’m messed up on my job application. I think the Japanese style resume is more like mixed resume and cover letter. If you guys are living or have lived in different countries and there are some differences on resume, let me know because because I might get a job in your country!

Thank you for reading!


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