Infographic About International Students at CWU


Living in a different country and learning new things is not easy.

Have you ever thought about studying abroad? A lot of students study abroad today for not only learning the language, but also feeling the cultural differences.

Many of my friends have been studying English in different countries such as the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The US is the top study abroad destination for students around the world. And I’m actually one of the students studying in the US. Yes! The US is such a great country!

I’ve seen variety of international students on campus, and a few friends. I believe that is because this is my first year at CWU so I’ve not have so much opportunities to talk with them. Recently I got that chance.

In my PR writing class, I was asked to make an infographic about international students at CWU. We decided to start with some basic information.

For getting the precise information, we emailed Nicki Kukar, Interim Executive Director of International Studies & Programs, a few questions. She immediately replied.

According to the Nicki, there are 421 international students studying at CWU, and the number of international students decreased 25 percent last year. The total amount of enrollment numbers of CWU are 11,119, so this means about 26 percent are international students. They are coming from 45 countries to pursue their goals.

We also made some graphs based on a student survey we conducted with 16 people. The questions we asked of them were pretty simple: their home country, their reason for choosing CWU, future goals and their satisfaction with CWU’s resources and schooling.

The most interesting thing for me from the survey was that just one person answered that he chose CWU because of its location. He said he was born and raised in a small town in China so the city of Ellensburg felt familiar with his hometown.

Throughout the process of making this infographic, I learned how important the infographic is for displaying information clearly. I believe nobody wants to read an long article with just words, but infographics are easy to see because just important things are on there. We focused on highlighting the numbers so we could make the data stand out.

I’m so excited to see other groups’ infographics!




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