What’s Real Japanese Food?


When you think about Japanese food, which food comes up first? It might be sushi, teriyaki or tempura? I believe there are many Americans who have had Japanese food before.

For me, I came to the US about 2 years ago, and I used to live in west side and there were lots of Japanese restaurants out there. So I have been to some Japanese restaurant in because I sometimes miss Japanese food so badly.

And I realize, Japanese foods served in the US are so much different than the real Japanese food. So today I decided to write about the differences between Americanized Japanese foods and real Japanese foods that I normally eat in Japan.

First, California roll is actually rarely seen in Japan. As you can see from the name, California roll is made in California. The ubiquitous roll got its start in California, in a restaurant in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angeles sometime in the 1960s. Some of sushi restaurants in Japan also have california roll, but the most common Japanese style sushi is a raw fish on the white rice.

Also, the American style Teriyaki doesn’t exist in Japan. “Teriyaki” is served only in the US. The word “teriyaki” is actually Japanese, but we cook in a different way. You can see teriyaki hamburger at Mcdonald’s in Japan, which is really awesome, but other than that you don’t see the word “teriyaki.”

At last, Americans cook tempura with lots of veggies. When I ordered tempura for the first time in here, they served lots of tempuras contains broccoli, tomato, and cucumber. That was a huge culture shock for me because we never eat those veggies’ tempura. I heard that there is a Japanese restaurant which serves “Pizza Tempura” in New York. The recent surge of crazy food creations may have created the perfect storm for tempura pizza to send everyone into a greasy frenzy.

So overall, most of Japanese foods in here are far away from the real Japanese foods for me. But it is really funny that finding the unique feature every time. Tell me if you have any funny stories about Americanized fusion cuisine!


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