Whatever We Learned Will Be Effective


Be flexible and try to move around, Richard Moreno, director of research and content management at Central Washington University Public Affairs, told for students in a Jan. 26 talk.

Moreno told us about his job at CWU Public Affairs, where he works on press releases and letting people know what is going on at the school. Moreno also said CWU Public Affairs hires internship students, which sounds like a great opportunity for CWU students.

Moreover, Moreno talked to us about his career background. He has been working at CWU Public Affairs for about a year and half, and before that he had worked at Western Illinois University, Nevada Magazine and the Nevada Commission On Tourism.

Moreno’s talk made me to think about I learned will be effective tools in the future. Moreno got his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Master’s Degree in Journalism, and he told us that Political Science is still a useful tool in Journalism, and the acknowledgement and skills he got from school is effective for his current life.

Moreover, he talked that taking on challenges, being open to new experiences, and networking with everyone are important on Communication field. If I never take challenges, I will get nothing, so I have decided to start trying more new things in PR.

Overall, Moreno’s speech inspired me a lot, and it made me think about my future. I’m glad that I heard Moreno’s story in my junior year because I still have time to consider what is the best way for me to move forward. His entire story was interesting, and I want to take with him more if I have the opportunity.


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