Culture Shocks I Felt in the United States

Hello, my name is Tom Sato. I’m studying at Central Washington University as an international student. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and I move to the US about 2 years ago. I’m majoring Public Relations and minoring Advertising.

Since I moved to the US, I have felt so much cultural differences between the US and Japan, so today I’m going to write about some differences that I felt.

First, Americans are so friendly to even unknown people. When I walk down the street and see someone, many people smile and say hi to me. In Japan, we don’t usually say hi to unknown people, and it’s considered as a weird thing which is sad. I like American culture in this time because I feel so good when I see people on the street.

Next, this is a bad thing. And that is Americans toss their trash everywhere even though there are lots of public trash cans. On the first day in the US I saw three people who tossed their trash on the street. Actually one of them tossed the food’s wrapper from his car to the road, and I still remember it because I thought it’s so dangerous and crazy. We don’t have so much public trash cans in Japan but people don’t toss it on the street or road. I was kind of shocked and disappointed.

Last one, this is the biggest cultural shock for me. That is most American foods are greasy and sometimes it’s hard to finish eating. Before I came to the US I’d always heard from my friends that American foods are heavy and greasy so I will miss Japanese food so much, and that is really true. I like eating and I think I eat a lot but I can’t eat a lot after I came here because I feel like sick if I eat lots of greasy foods. And Ellensburg, the town where I currently live in, has not so many Asian food so I usually struggle with eating.

So these are the main culture shocks that I felt in here. I mostly like it here, but sometimes I still can’t accept a few things. But since I decided to live in here, I will accept the differences and live my life.



  1. Haha it’s funny because most people write about their culture shock going to Japan so it’s nice to read the opposite ^^ keep posting! What struck me as a French person in NY was the huuuuge portions of food in the US.


    1. Thanks for your comment! I’ve read some blogs about foreigners’ culture shocks in Japan and they’re so funny too because things foreigners find in Japan are so unique and I usually don’t even notice it’s abnormal in other countries haha

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