Your Voice Makes Your Daily Life Much Better


Since technology evolved, our life has gotten better. Personally, the smartphone affects my lifestyle a lot, for example, calling my friends living overseas for free, faster and easier browsing, taking great quality pictures without using a digital camera, and using social media and connecting with friends from everywhere. I would say I can’t live more than a month without a smartphone, and it has really become a part of my life.

There is a new service which is trying to make people’s life even more convenient in different ways than the smartphone, and that is Alexa Voice Service (AVS). It’s connected with the Amazon Echo, a hands-free speaker which you can control with your voice. AVS can answer many questions, play music, buy stuff from Amazon, and connect with appliances.

An article I found in Advertising Age, “Alexa, the Killer App,” written by Shelly Palmer, says the AVS was the superstar of the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 and is called the killer app for the Internet of Things (IoT). Also, Palmer mentions how AVS is different from other smart device controllers.

The thing that impressed me the most about AVS is I can talk to the device from everywhere because it has a high quality microphone on it. AVS can do many tasks that I usually do on my arm such as playing music with a speaker, requesting an Uber ride, ordering pizza, etc.

I also learned how to advertise a product effectively using AVS. Palmer raved about AVS, and didn’t focus on any parts needing improve went. And Palmer called the AVS “the killer app,” which made a huge impact on me. It’s so catchy and it made me interested in the article. 

I don’t usually read this kind of advertising article, so it was a great opportunity for me to read this. Also, I like technology stuff so I want to keep reading more blogs like this and write an article in me someday.


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