What’s PR for Me?

To be honest, I am still struggling with my decision of why I decided to major in Public Relations.

I was born and raised in Japan so English is not my first language, but I’ve chosen a field that’s all about communication. Sometimes the language difference makes it so hard to live in the states, but I like it because I can learn a lot of things every single day.

I think communication means not only talking with someone and exchanging information, but also the process of understanding each other. In the Business and Professional Speaking class, I learned that communication is like a catch ball of information, sender encodes messages and receiver decodes the messages.

When I took the Introduction to PR class, I had some presentations throughout the quarter. Each presentation was pretty simple, but I spent such a long time preparing for two reasons. First thing is that I have an accent in English so sometimes people can’t understand what I’m saying. I was not sure how to solve this problem, so I decided to put in lots of gestures to make my meanings clear.

Second thing I struggled with was a huge glossophobia. Speaking in front of unknown people makes me so nervous even if it’s not a presentation. I talked to the professor and he advised me that the most important thing to overcome the glossophobia is to practice over and over. Also, making some friends in the class is another way to help glossophobia because I can make eye-contact with those friends when I do a presentation. So I tried those things and it really worked for me.

The reason why I chose PR is I am interested in making advertisements and doing brand management. Last year, I saw an article written by a Japanese person who is working at a PR agency in the States, and that impressed me. He said having an accent is not a big deal, and the most important thing is how many connections he had made since he started working. I realized I was worried too much about only the way I talk when the substance of what I say is so much more valuable.

I’m a junior right now, and I’ll be graduating in spring 2018. Some people ask me where I want to get a job after I graduate. I usually say I want to work in the US, because there is still a lot of things I want to achieve. One of the ideal jobs I want to get is working as brand manager at an American company with branches in Japan. I think that kind of work needs not only the person who is fluent in both Japanese and English, but also the person who understands the cultural differences. Since I have lived in both countries, that would be one of the huge advantages for me when I get a job.

As I mentioned first, I am still struggling with majoring in Public Relations. The job that I want to get in the future is not specific yet, and I guess I have to overcome lots of hard things first to graduate. But I want to try those things as much as I can, and I’m sure that those things will grow me up and lead to make my career.


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